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I fell in love with an old camera: Leica M262

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

My leica SL2 was sent to Germany for services. I missed the experience using it with some of my favorite Voigtländer lenses. The image color and rendition from this combo were amazing. I simply love them. It is hard to describe or explain.

The services of my SL2 took much longer than I expected. I got a chance to grab a M262 from a forum while I am still waiting for my SL2.

I have tried M camera before (a silver M6 film camera). I did not get much time to use it before I sold it. But the design and the operations of the M camera always attract me.

With the introduction of M10 and M11, the price of M240/M262 on the 2nd hand market is finally affordable. After got my M262, I took it to a weekend vacation to St. Joseph, a beach town in Michigan.

For this trip, I only took my M262 plus a Voigtländer lens. It did not take me too long to get used to the manual focus and the exposure setting(You can tell that some of the images was a bit out of focus though). By the end of the weekend, I felt I can operate the camera fast and comfortably. I really enjoyed the simple, pure photography experience.

Here are some images I took with M262 and Voigtländer Nokton 40mm f/1.2.

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